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Television Interview - Mississippi Solo
Television Interview - Jupiter et Moi (French subtitles)
Reading - Still Life in Harlem

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2006 Key West Literary Seminar

Key West, Florida
Thursday - Sunday, January 5-8, 2006
Topic: The Literature of Adventure, Travel, and Discovery

Where I've Been: Journeys of the Soul: The Intersection of Life, Literature, and Culture
Eddy Harris
Reading: Linda Greenlaw
Been There, Done That: Getting to Know a Place for a Lifetime
Hanns Ebenstein
I Must Go Down to the Sea Again
Linda Greenlaw
Reading from his forthcoming book on Paris (and singing!)
Eddy Harris
The World of the Unknown: The View from the Outside: The Meaning of the Encounter: Travel in the Post Imperial Age
Eddy Harris, Tony Horwitz, Ana Menendez, Mary Morris,
Patrick Symmes; Moderator: Rosalind Brackenbury
What's It All About? Adventure, Travel, and Discovery
Tim Cahill, Gretel Ehrlich, Linda Greenlaw, Eddy Harris,
Patrick Symmes; Moderator: Patricia Hampl

2005 Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Friday - Sunday, December 2 - 4, 2005

512-19 How 'I' Makes the Story
 Eddy Harris
512-46 The Gift of Personal Stories
 Thomas French, Eddy Harris and Amy Ellis Nutt
512-57 A Toolbox of Literary Skills for Nonfiction Writers
 Eddy Harris, Phillip Lopate and Eugene Robinson

2000 Key West Literary Seminar

January 16-13, 2000
Topic: The Memoir

What It Means to Be Black in America
Eddy Harris
Roots: How Our Stories Relate To Our Times and Our Cultures
 Rosemary Bray, Patricia Hampl, Eddy Harris, Calvin Trillin
My Father, Myself
Calvin Trillin
Favorite Stories
Eddy Harris, Lorian Hemingway, Calvin Trillin, Tobias Wolff
Moderator: Jane O'Reilly



Eddy L. Harris - A Writer in France

Written and directed by Holger Lang
Produced by Holger Lang & Elizabeth Zoe Knass

We join the American writer Eddy L. Harris on his way home from one of his many journeys and we visit him in his chosen place of residence in France. Harris tells us about his books, his family, his life, and his upcoming plans and he also lets us get a look at his everyday life and his work. In a lighthearted yet still intimate way the picture of a man who had explored his own roots as an American with an African origin and who had found in France the country that he wants to spend his future in is presented in this documentary. Eddy Harris allows us to visit and to watch him and gives us the opportunity to get a feeling for the person behind the writer. With minimal technical efforts and in a casual style we follow the author and see how he lives and works. Without any glamour and with the same difficulties that we all have to face in our own lives a writer like him produces his work. We wanted to capture a bit of the interaction of the regular-guy behind the writer with the world around him. He had chosen the heart of France as the place where he wants to live and we gave this region some space to appear. Watching him and listening requires attention and patience. At a specific moment and a specific location a snapshot of an artist was taken, this snapshot takes up almost two hours, but it contains a good insight into this writers life.

Recorded in Bruxelles, Paris, Tours, and Pontlevoy in October 2002
Completed in 2005, this is a PAL DVD (European format)
but can also be played on a computer DVD player
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