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Jupiter et Moi, 2005

The history of African-Americans can be read between the lines of this family history of the author and his Jupiter of a father, tyrannical and terrifying - yet lovable, funny and whimsical. Through formative events and pivotal scenes, Eddy Harris here becomes the spokesperson of his father's generation, born at a time when, "fifty years after abolition, you could still smell the stagnant stench of slavery".

Paris en noir et black, 2009

For an American, Paris is seen as a dream for a day or for life. Especially if one is black and a child who lived the "venomous brutality of segregation." In the wake of James Baldwin, Richard Wright and many others, famous or anonymous, Eddy Harris chose Paris. A sagacious observer, he savors the magic of the place and a brand new freedom. But even here, depending on if one is American or African, black skin takes on a different meaning. As the story emerges such essential topics as the reasons for exile, a sense of belonging, the ambiguities of the French model of integration, and racism are discussed. "Life is a journey", Eddy Harris likes to say. A journey in which he is the permanent tourist.

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